Boom! New HCE Review Team!

So, we have finally been handed the mantle of greatness by last year’s amazing, talented and diligent HCE Review Editorial Team. It’s a hard act to follow. The 2017 HCE Review team have handed us a literary journal of which they should be very proud. We hope we will do your hard work justice and that we will carry on a bring the journal to ever greater heights.

Here’s a little photo of some of the team during a brief interlude in our busy editorial schedule. HCE Review Team

And here are the inner workings of our various teams. We are actively seeking your best poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art submissions for our next issue. Please check our guidelines and get submitting.

2018 Staff


Justine Carbery, James Hudson, Co-Editors-in-Chief

David O’Connor, Assistant Editor-in Chief


Brenda Casey and Susan Grimes  Fiction Editors

Fiction Readers:

Emer Rogers, Aingela Flannery, Aoife Fitzpatrick

Creative Non-fiction

Shauna Smullen, Katherina Scholz Creative Non-Fiction Editors

CNF Readers:

Estelle Birdy, Liz Hochin


Nidhi Eipu, Lianne Zwannberg Poetry Editors

Poetry Readers

David O’Connor, Jayne Quan


Nina Ariane, David O’Connor

Social Media

Estelle Birdy Social Media Editor


Jayne Quan  Team Lead




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