HCE Review (ISSN 2009-9916) is an online literary journal launched in 2016 by the MA and MFA Creative Writing courses at University College Dublin. The journal aims to publish fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and visual art from both established and emerging writers and artists from around the world.

The HCE Review podcast works in conjunction with the online journal to bring literature into the digital sphere, hosting regular readings and speeches by prominent Irish authors, and featuring discussions of the pieces that appear in the online journal.


Our name is inspired by James Joyce’s novel, Finnegans Wake. “HCE” refers to the central character, initially named Humphrey (or Harold) Chimpden Earwicker. However, these three letters are ascribed thousands of various meanings throughout the course of the novel.

In choosing this name, it is our desire not only to pay homage to Joyce, one of UCD’s most prominent graduates, but also to evoke the fluidity of names in Finnegans Wake, signifying the individuality of each person on our staff, and each contributor to our journal.


2019 Staff

Justine Carbery Editor-in-chief

Paul Perry, Contributing Editor

Amy Gaffney Contributing Editor

Siobhan Mc Mahon Poetry Editor

Liz Hochin Reader

Estelle Birdy  Reader

Special thanks to Jamie Stedmond for setting the cover.