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Episode 1

In this episode:

  • “A Question of Time” by Lisa Herden, read by the author, originally published in Kultextur in 2013
  • “Love” by Aidan Dolbashian, read by the author, published in Volume I, Issue I of HCE Review
  • This Week in Irish Literary History

Episode 2 

In this episode:

  • An interview with Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh, director of the National Folklore Collection at University College Dublin

Episode 3

In this episode:

  • Writer Dave Lordan talks about how his childhood shaped his writing, his interest in dystopias and utopias, and what it takes to be a writer
  • A reading from Dave Lordan’s forthcoming collection, Little Museums of Dublin

Episode 4 

In this episode:

  • Irish crime writer and founder of Portnoy Publishing Arlene Hunt discusses genre writing and the publishing industry


Episode 5 

In this episode:

  • Dave Rudden, UCD graduate and author of Knights of the Borrowed Dark, discusses his journey towards studying creative writing and to getting published
  • Skip to 52:30 to hear Rudden read a selection from Knights of the Borrowed Dark.


Episode 6

In this episode:

  • A discussion of “A Worthless Husk of Nothingness” by Caitríona O’Malley, published in Issue I of HCE Review
  • A discussion of “Love” by Aidan Dolbashian, published in Issue I of HCE Review


Episode 7 

In this episode:

  • Roisin O’Donnell discusses her short story collection, Wild Quiet, and her experience of writing and publishing


Episode 8 

In this episode:

  • Paul Perry, award-winning poet and lecturer at University College Dublin, reads a selection of his poetry


Episode 9 

In this episode:

  • Author Michael Carroll discusses his experience of writing, particularly genre fiction, and his writing process


Episode 10 

In this episode:

  • Poet and children’s writer Enda Wyley talks about her journey in becoming a poet and how teaching has influenced her


Episode 11 

In this episode:

  • Aisling Flynn reads her poem, “a crow”
  • Karl Quigley reads his short story, “The Coming Storm”


Episode 12 

In this episode:

  • Poet Kerrie O’Brien discusses her experience of writing and publishing, as well as her own collection of poems and her work on the anthology Looking At the Stars, which was compiled to raise money for the Dublin Simon Community


Episode 13 

In this episode:

  • Poet Pat Boran speaks about his writing journey and offers a reading of some of his work


Episode 14 

In this episode:

  • Keri Heath and Deborah Lawson Lucas discuss the new opera, Vampirella, with librettist Katy Hayes after its debut at Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin


Episode 15

In this episode:

  • Crime author Louise Phillips discusses her experience of writing and publishing with the HCE Review team


Episode 16

In this episode:

  • Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, award-winning poet and current Ireland Professor of Poetry, discusses telling stories through poetry and the differences between poems and prose


Episode 17 

In this episode:

  • Ryan Murphy reads his poem “The Crowning of the Petrol Prince,” which appears in Volume I, Issue I of HCE Review
  • Ryan Murphy reads his poem “The Late Night Mare”
  • Manus Boyle Tobin reads his piece “Dislikables,” which appears in Volume I, Issue III of HCE Review


Episode 18 

In this episode:

  • Author Mia Gallagher discusses her path to writing and how to navigate the publishing market


Episode 19 

In this episode:

  • The English Graduate Society at UCD, led by Leanne Waters, discusses podcasts as texts


Episode 20 

In this episode:

  • Deborah Lawson Lucas reads her piece of short fiction “Comely,” published in HCE Review, Volume I, Issue III
  • Jordan Smith reads her poem “Lure Who Blanch it Law,” published in HCE Review, Volume I, Issue III
  • Lisa Herden reads her creative non-fiction piece “My Travelling Bag,” published in HCE Review, Volume I, Issue III


Episode 21 

In this episode:

  • Clare Wallace of Darley Anderson discusses the publishing industry from the perspective of a literary agent

Episode 22 

In this episode:

  • Author Rob Doyle discusses his experience of writing semi-autobiographical fiction and publishing and reads an excerpt from one of his short stories.

Episode 23 

In this episode

  • Acclaimed Irish novelist Catherine Dunne speaks to us about life, advice and the magic of writing that you don’t get anywhere else.

Episode 25

In this episode, acclaimed poet Nicki Griffin speaks to the HCE gives us a rendition of her lyrical prowess.

Episode 26


Writer, professor and all round Canadian national treasure, Jane Urquhart speaks to the HCE Review in our latest podcast!